You have only to watch white clouds charging a moonlit sky To know everything is change Nothing is the same from moment to moment Nothing exists as we think or feel but for a moment And not as we feel or think There is no stasis in darkness, not an instant, everything is motion In […]

Self Portrait

The left eye looks back at a past Of regret and joy, wonder and guilt War, calm, seasons, death and birth. The right strains to see into the future Will tomorrow unfold petals of a bomb Or give into a blossom’s destruction? I’ve sat a long time looking each way Trying to make peace in […]


To be there, pull back the veil of spring I am a fool to want that, it comes on its own Like the weather, unmindful of urging The thaw in the peaks, the spill of the river. It all happens for the first and last time Azaleas, forsythia from the bowels of earth Lighting the […]