Green Tract 2

Buddha before enlightenment: starved, bony
Our world, showing the bones of war, bones of desire–
Look to the moment with hope to survive
Enlightenment is here, yet we think we move toward it.

There is meaning in suffering and joy, a universal law
The great gift, evolution of mind
The will to see creation and destruction
And not move, hold to a center despite the chaos
In and around us: witness history as enlightenment
A struggle of terror, war, famine and disease
Growth and exploration, discovery
Beyond the physical and spiritual limits:
Whether fighting to survive or generating others
All creatures are one in the Will to Enlightenment:

The energy of turtles laying eggs, salmon roiling up river
Seal pups fleeing an orca, and human life
That jewel in the hand of a thief, a barnacle on the back
Of a humpback whale, singing a cosmic song
In time and space: Enlightenment: We are the universe.
Even love pales in comparison: Earth is our Bodhi Tree.




Star stalker light walker
Night dissolves you dream talker
Speaking the colors of symbols in time
Grow quiet
and small myth balker
Your mind lifts like fog over water
Like mist over land
Imagination is creation–
Countless ways open to wisdom
Follow one, woman, go on man
There is one road to take
The one you’re on
You are who you make: Religion


Rayn Roberts 2017

Listening to the Light

And when I came to the place where the old oaks grow
I knew why men had worshiped the trees
Understanding older than the oak grew in me of the old ways
For I had breathed in the belly of the stone when stone was not
Had grown in the core of the oak
Before the thorn of the wild rose tore me.
The leap of the hare was in my feet,
Hornet wing, hornet sting were my hope and faith
And when I sang, the raven’s call floated from my beak–
The wisdom of the ages from the mouth of sage and seer is not lost
But hidden… where water wears down rock
The hills hold, the cougar slows, all things rest and are right

Where the trees speak the light.



Celtic History of Druids

Brief History of Druidry

From this Side of the River

I invented this river, dreamed it up

Been dreaming it wider and wider,


I stand on this bank and the other side

Is lost to me, even as I am lost, each day


What I think I am, is less and less

What is all about me, more and more


And yes the river is deep and wide

Who or what’s on the other side, hidden:


Dreaming is a hard skill to master—

I toss my hat the length of the river


But cannot see the other side

Dreaming it wider, wider (a statement


worth consideration and not

profound at all)  I stand and fish,


Catch my limit most often, dinner

For friends as well, yet questions


On the nature of dreaming rivers ways

Are as many as the colors of fish, answers


Fewer than seem far somehow—

But the river is my own dream


If I don’t mind where it takes me

The river can break me in the deep.

Crossings are hard task to master.

The river is my own invention.




The Beauty of Apples

Had he known the beauty of an apple, seen it, a flower
In the palm of her hand, seen in his wife’s hand the sun
Light to a tree of knowledge, knowledge of air and weather
The river, the flame, the earth, he’d know earth was woman
Insect and animal, he would see in her hand the farmer
A field hand picking the apple, the worker make the truck
Mechanic at work on the engine, trucker haul his apple
To the grocer who oiled and set it out, he’d see in an apple
The checker check it, the boy bag it, the energy of a star
To power the car that carries him home to the hand of Eve,
A sun in her hand, a blossom; he’d know what an apple is
Never again blame her for sin in a garden, nor she him

For the loss of Eden.






Rayn Roberts 2016

The Beauty of Apples first appeared in The Sow’s Ear Review as a Finalist in their annual poetry contest.   Cover photo of apples by Rayn Roberts