Elegy for Phil

Phil Hayes was murdered in a public park His killer unknown, the imperfect stranger. The police said it was gang related, All his family knows is –He’s gone He sacrificed his life for a friend, That was like him, facing danger Stopping a fight, making peace He didn’t play a hero, he was one, A […]


I had my annual physical today and all was well. The Doc. asked if I had any concerns, I said “I need a strong pain killer for a broken heart.” He laughed, but I said, “I’m serious. Nothing but booze helps and that gives me a hangover. Can’t you give me something for it?” He […]

After She Died

For Mary Leary The cracked world strangely abstract, crows eat the petals of morning Flowers panic in the window box Hummingbirds under the eave Xanax morning calm without peace I probably should meditate, but WTF—this works A gathering of thieves, friends looking for Xanax in the  bathroom Invisible on the balcony Nicking my hash, drinking the […]