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It’s not the known that holds the secrets to knowing more. There is more than what we see and know here and now. Search the far reaches of the future Dark womb of tomorrow Understand the possible Flowers in impossible gardens: If we can link Countless computers One massive mind giving dreams Knowledge, ideas Making […]


To be there, pull back the veil of spring I am a fool to want that, it comes on its own Like the weather, unmindful of urging The thaw in the peaks, the spill of the river. It all happens for the first and last time Azaleas, forsythia from the bowels of earth Lighting the […]

To a Friend Who When I Asked How She Was After The Pulse Massacre Replied, “Just shoot me too.”

          Will you smile real pretty when I pull the trigger? Will you let a squadron of dragonflies carry you By your nipples and hair into a green forgetful sky By your toes, your nose, the white fuzz on your ears? You will forget the red and blue years Sailing a […]