I had my annual physical today and all was well. The Doc. asked if I had any concerns, I said “I need a strong pain killer for a broken heart.” He laughed, but I said, “I’m serious. Nothing but booze helps and that gives me a hangover. Can’t you give me something for it?” He […]


The promise of the Tree pounding in your breast Tongue of the snake soft upon your cheek, You reached for unseen death and gave the fruit to man. So men have said– In you all women are Innocent as a girl in awe of the first dawn Saying its color over roses Again and again […]

To a Friend Who When I Asked How She Was After The Pulse Massacre Replied, “Just shoot me too.”

          Will you smile real pretty when I pull the trigger? Will you let a squadron of dragonflies carry you By your nipples and hair into a green forgetful sky By your toes, your nose, the white fuzz on your ears? You will forget the red and blue years Sailing a […]