Semi-Automatic Poem

Fucked up so right no pain but the ratchet of the night
tightenin’ so tight so far out I can’t do the heady
philosophy-faith-politics a trinity of bullshit–

Blow me away ta nothing. will yah, yo

I ain’t ready for no lead in my ass
I ain’t buying what the right wing means
I ain’t havin’ no fist fight with tyranny

I could give a Trump’s-ass ‘bout their genes

not worried ‘bout anything they got, they got nothin’:
Nothin’ we can’t handle, we out of reach
“Down right crim and we dusted”

we gettin’ up, gettin’ set to give ‘em hell

“I won’t waste my breath, let actions speak”
Don’t come at me trippin’ in yor clown face makeup
Yor boy scout compass goes nowhere free,

You be mad elephants kickin’ a hornet’s nest

You be walkin’ into a rattlesnake fest,
got nothin’ but stingers & fangs for you
punk rock bands on lock him up day, I can promise you that…

junkyard Alt-Right dogs bark a lot

we know what they got, got nothin’ got zip–
We gettin’ down, gettin down right quick
We gettin up mighty, we gettin up slick, light of the inner eye

The Light of the Inner Eye opening see

You aint’ foolin’ nobody, least of all me
I you gotta be downright dim to dig an orangutan
In the off-white house, and you know we got ‘em too

We got a lot of ’em brand new, or did you think

Old Lefty’s got no say, so place, no piece like you?
Fuck you and yor mutherfuckin daddy too.



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Photo: “Four Crows One Tree” download  Poet, Terry Busch.