There is only blue above, sky so deep I feel it Untouched by cloud, fog, lightning, rain Time cannot enter, age cannot alter The memory of doors flying open, children Racing from the party, red, yellow, green Bright balloons trailing on strings Wild mustard on skin and hair as we run under The endless sky […]


Star stalker light walker Night dissolves you dream talker Speaking the colors of symbols in time Grow quiet and small myth balker Your mind lifts like fog over water Like mist over land Imagination is creation– Countless ways open to wisdom Follow one, woman, go on man There is one road to take The one […]


WE Greater has one who gives the little he has Than one who gives from plenty For one gives from abundance and has more, while the other Has nothing, yet gives– This isn’t the widow’s mite, giving to a temple or church But living the Light of Life, healing The sick and poor– We, the […]