Semi-Automatic Poem

Fucked up so right no pain but the ratchet of the night
tightenin’ so tight so far out I can’t do the heady
philosophy-faith-politics a trinity of bullshit–

Blow me away ta nothing. will yah, yo

I ain’t ready for no lead in my ass
I ain’t buying what the right wing means
I ain’t havin’ no fist fight with tyranny

I could give a Trump’s-ass ‘bout their genes

not worried ‘bout anything they got, they got nothin’:
Nothin’ we can’t handle, we out of reach
“Down right crim and we dusted”

we gettin’ up, gettin’ set to give ‘em hell

“I won’t waste my breath, let actions speak”
Don’t come at me trippin’ in yor clown face makeup
Yor boy scout compass goes nowhere free,

You be mad elephants kickin’ a hornet’s nest

You be walkin’ into a rattlesnake fest,
got nothin’ but stingers & fangs for you
punk rock bands on lock him up day, I can promise you that…

junkyard Alt-Right dogs bark a lot

we know what they got, got nothin’ got zip–
We gettin’ down, gettin down right quick
We gettin up mighty, we gettin up slick, light of the inner eye

The Light of the Inner Eye opening see

You aint’ foolin’ nobody, least of all me
I you gotta be downright dim to dig an orangutan
In the off-white house, and you know we got ‘em too

We got a lot of ’em brand new, or did you think

Old Lefty’s got no say, so place, no piece like you?
Fuck you and yor mutherfuckin daddy too.



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Photo: “Four Crows One Tree” download  Poet, Terry Busch.

A Truth You May Have Forgotten

There is a moment before the sound the Great Om,
Before Siva turned on one foot
Before Krishna was blue and Tara green,
Before the making of Lucifer, the heavenly war
The gravity of heaven and the drifting fire of hell
Before the holy breath blew into Man
Before Adam’s dream of Eve
Before Cain lost his mind and the daughters of Cain
And the flood, before an angel spoke to Hagar
And Moses saw a home of honey, fire and blood

Before David hurled a stone
Before Isaiah spoke a word
Before Buddha under the Bodhi-tree

The slaughter of the innocent
The cry of the desert in a voice crying in the desert
Before the sorrow of Mary
Before a nail cut the hand of the Anointed
Before the wonder of Magdalene at the tomb
Before tongues of fire
Before the first stone struck Stephen
Before stigmata in Assisi
Before Allah save infant girls
In a message of mercy from Mohammed
Before Gandhi felt the heat of a gun
And the death of Martin gave an undying dream

There is a moment
Without motion
Before the memory of time

Offered like sunlight filtered through trees falls at your feet
It is like sound
Or light surrounding the body
A lilting melody of light
Before evil or good were ideas, that when you hear
Clears the past of pain
Reconciles history to love
And the One you felt did not exist
Is with you saying
“I have always loved you and always will.”
It is the still point at the center,
That moment you truly are, that moment is now



This is Wrong. Stop the Hate!

ACT for America, the nation’s largest anti-Muslim grassroots group, announced today that it is coordinating a series of protests across the nation on June 10. In Seattle, it will be at  Victor Steinbrueck Park 2001 Western Ave, Seattle, Washington 98121

The protests, branded “March Against Sharia,” will explicitly target Muslim communities, raising the specter of Islamic law as a fear mongering tactic.  The events are being organized by conservative activist and unapologetic Trump supporter Scott Presler, who serves as ACT for America’s field operations coordinator.

ACT’s announcement of the events relies heavily on the group’s Islamophobia, purporting to explain “why Sharia is incompatible with Western democracy and the freedoms it affords.” ACT for America’s founder, Brigitte Gabriel, regularly conflates all Muslims with terrorists, once saying that “every practicing Muslim is a radical Muslim” and that Muslims are a “natural threat to civilized people of the world, particularly Western society.”

Although the “March Against Sharia” events claim to support religious freedom, Gabriel has also claimed that a “practicing Muslim, who believes in the teachings of the Koran, cannot be a loyal citizen to the United States of America.”   The organized anti-Muslim movement has long sought to spread fear of Islam by arguing that Shariah law, or Islamic law, poses a threat to American laws–a complete legal falsehood.

David Yerushalmi, the legal mastermind behind the anti-Muslim strategy of introducing anti-Shariah bills in state legislatures across the country, told the New York Times in 2011 that passing the bills was not even the goal. Instead, he wanted to use the idea of Shariah to spread fear of Muslims. “If this thing passed in every state without any friction, it would have not served its purpose,” Yerushalmi said. “The purpose was heuristic — to get people asking this questions, ‘What is Shariah?’”

The June 10 protests against that phantom threat are another tactic of this anti-Muslim strategy.

Counter protests will take place in nearly every city too.  Here’s a flyer on the one in Seattle.


Are you an American Muslim?

If you are bullied, discriminated against or attacked for being a Muslim, there are people in Washington State to help you: Please contact CAIR-WA for help or with questions at or 206.367.4081.


In Washington State

Fact Check about Islam in America:

Nationally:  CAIR

Muslims Protect The Holiest Site in all Christendom:


Young American Muslims:  Young American Muslims Respond




A Protest in Poetry by Rayn Roberts  the-new-liberty

Don’t worry… Today, the ACLU BLOCKED the BAN on Muslims due to it being Unconstitutional.   Trump’s Ban on Muslims BLOCKED 1/28/17




Painting by Caro Vielma-Rojas