The Passing of Prince

Bittersweet chocolate, dying is a small event
A flame flickers out as we pay the rent

Spasm of surprise, electric as his Afro blood
Swells the heart open with a media flood

He is gone, and all our love cannot replace
A broken string, the ringing bass

Snapping snare, his pansexual soul, in short
Death is a moment within life– la petite mort

Times two, to honor the artist formerly known
As Prince, who left as we all do, alone–

Just you and me, baby, at home in our room
On a rock ‘n roll-soul bed, he would dig it too.


One of his greatest performances! (Click it)

Rayn Roberts 4/23/16

Out of the Frying Pan

 For Vince

Even when dating an awesome man, if a hot woman beckons
a pan-sexual will leap out of the pan into the fire in under five seconds!

There is no end to desire.

And it’s not like I don’t know any,  more like I’ve dated too many
which is not as critical as it is a regretful sigh.

I reckon, in any man, too often Love is a prodigal heart.