The Lifeguard

Donald was just beyond the breakers
when I saw him in trouble
struggling to stay above the water,
I was swimming to the rescue
when not a hundred feet
before I reached him, a huge grey fin
parted the water…

he went under, the sea turned red, a seal got tossed

up into the air by a great white
that swam away munching–
Donald came up
“Help, help me!”, he cried, “Help!”
the real horror was, I had to think twice.



Rock Prophecy





Get a Grip

The average frequency of death in the USA
Is as follows

Drunk driving 10,288 28 Americans
Are killed by a drunk driver every day.

In hospitals 90,000 one American
Dies from a medical error
Or a lethal infection every 6 minutes.

At home 54,500
One in an accident at home every 10 minutes.

Transport 46,844
One by a traffic accident every 11 minutes.

Poisoning 40,059
One poisoned to death every 13 minutes.

Falls 22,631
One every 23 minutes.

Homicide 18,361
One every 29 minutes.

How many people will die in the next war?
Do you think Donald Trump cares?

What are the chances of him taking us to war?

Do you want to be responsible
For doing nothing to stop him before he takes us there?

Maybe it’s time we quit saluting the flag
While he and Vice President Bannon are burning the Constitution?


 Found poem and cover photo by Rayn Roberts 2017