The Final Solution

When I see deadly violence anywhere in the world acted out by hooded men, neo-nazi, common criminal pedophile priest, shooter in a theatre, I wander a time a wilderness of disbelief hearing it on the web or t.v. I once again commit myself to the asylum of Ahimsa pushing back harder on the evil in […]

Poets Colin Corpe & Glenna Cooke Green Lake Library Saturday July 14 4-5:30 pm Presented by PoetsWest!

Green Lake Branch Seattle Public Library 7364 E Greenlake Dr. N.    4-5:30 pm Free: Come early to sign up for the Open Mic Host: Rayn Roberts Colin Corpe will read new work.             Glenna Cooke’s new book is “Thresholds”               Special Guest Melanie Reed with […]

If I Spoke

Originally posted on Poetry etc:
If I spoke from the heart and you could hear You would ride the sound Back to the beginning and see who you really are. If I spoke from the heart, my tears would be a river Running into the sea, an Ocean of sweetest water. If I spoke from the heart,…

Cat Kigerl, with second book, “At the Town Cafe” Appearing with Novelist Bruce Taylor at Green Lake Public Library June 9th 2018 4pm- 5:30pm

Cat Kigerl has a second book out, “At the Town Cafe” and it is a substantial volume of poems, written from the perspective of the poet sitting in a town cafe. These poems written in a town café cover everything we can deal with in the larger world: mortality, the similarities and differences between men […]