Everything I Own, a Dystopian Dream

My slut-desire for a bankroll of love, movie line wait for true romance
Hourglass heart running out of sand, twittered intention to end hunger,
My cell phone ringing mass murder, Buddha-delusion to heal the mind
Prophetic wisdom on a fool’s errand, tabloid wish to be some super hero
Dildo desire to fuck Mr. Trump, glittering cities on buffalo bones, soul
On the altar of power and beauty, Alt-Right nose up the low racist ass
Anarchist answers to old questions, disaster aid on misanthrope Visas

Our house of cards with the usury windows, big wheels claim to Jesus
Monitor heads blinking with cancer, a Starbucks cup full of dead poems
Sex Pistols fist on a Mozart cock, pornographic priest with his boy stars
Pig hooves on the backs of the poor, bump car pillows, insomniac beds
Kids in mind numbing debt– but is there hope for us? Toxic rainbows
With peak-oil pots, the Religious Right making ISIS tanks and bombs
Saintly ideals with demonic halos, yes, we are great, the new Babylon.


The poem above first appeared on Poetry Super Highway: http://poetrysuperhighway.com/psh/2018/02/poetry-brittany-shea-rayn-roberts/


Publications notice & news from Rayn Roberts

Hello Poets & Poetry Lovers,

I thought I’d share something that makes most poets happy. Several of my poems were accepted for publication recently, “Clear Water” & “After the Pulse Murders 2016” will appear in Seattle’s Raven Chronicles Anthology, “Take a Stand: Art Against Hate” out this fall. The Seattle Star published two poems adding to several already there. The poem “Last Oracle Over the Sea” will appear in the CAPS /Calling All Poets Series Anthology out of New Paltz , New York & “Eagle Bowl” was accepted by the Seattle journal “Chrysanthemum” edited by Koon Woon.  Washington State Poet Laureate, Claudia Castro Luna took “The Bubble of Seattle” for her Poetry Grid. I’m honored to be included in her project.  It’s now @


I hope you get a chance to enjoy some of them and keep in touch as the year progresses. I invite you all to Green Lake Public Library for the monthly reading 4-5:30 pm the second Saturday of every month.  There’s always an open mic!       


Yours truly,


Rayn Roberts

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Call for Submissions from Goldfish Press

Goldfish Press is accepting poetry submissions for Chrysanthemum Literary Society’s 2020 Anthology. No fee.
Send submissions to koonwoon@gmail.com or by snail mail to 4545 42nd Avenue SW, unit 211, Seattle, WA 98116
Please send 3-5 poems in one file in Microsoft Word. We use no theme but we would like poems that you like very much, so much that it is like a child leaving home for college.
Alert us if you are multiple submitting and if you are accepted elsewhere, notify us as soon as possible to withdraw.
Submission is open until December 31, 2019. There is no payment except one copy and addition copies at discount.  Please circulate this call if you want to help us out.


Goldfish Press